Travel Tips


What to Pack

Be prepared! Alaska’s weather can change in a minute. Dressing in layers is the best plan. Even if it is a warm day, if you are out in a boat or near a glacier, you need to keep warm. Start your day in layers and adjust accordingly. Alaskan opt for casual comfortable clothing. Jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, light windbreakers are all great. Remember to bring your swimwear along just in case you want to take a plunge in our lakes, hot springs or if your hotel has a pool.

If a winter visit is in your plan, bring warm gear especially if you go anywhere north of Anchorage. A winter coat, knit hat, and warm gloves are a necessity. Going to the southeastern part of Alaska or visiting in the end of August bring a raincoat.


Just a pair of comfortable shoes unless you are planning on hiking then boots might be more appropriate. In winter time, warm boots are a must.Cell phonesCheck with your cell phone carrier for coverage but Alaska can have pretty spotty coverage especially when there is a mountain near you.


Although we have many pharmacies in Alaska (Walmart, Target, Walgreens, etc.) you should bring all the medication you will need with you. Most communities don’t have pharmacies.


Having binoculars would be handy because it is the best way to see wildlife. Try to keep a distant from Alaska’s wildlife. They are call wildlife for a reason. If you don’t have binoculars we have outdoor stores (Pro Bass, Cabela’s and local outdoor stores) in the bigger towns.


If you are going with a fishing guide they usually provide everything. If not you can bring your favorite pole. Stop at the outdoor stores to pick up fishing lures. One of my favorite fishing books is Fishing Alaska. This huge book is great it recommends the lures you need in each area.


You can bring your guns in baggage on U.S. airlines (check with your airlines). I do not know ANYTHING  about international travel and guns.But if you are driving through Canada leave your guns at home. They have strict rules. They will confiscate them. Link to their firearms rules

Traveling through the Canadian border:Check out this link . You will need your passport/visa to cross the border. Have your registration and proof of insurance ready. Also, they will ask you how much money you have. But don’t take my word for it click the link PetsPetsFirst, I am not the authority on this subject. This is what I have run into please check BEFORE you go.


Family dogs (Not seeing eye dogs) and cats (older than 3 months old) must have a current rabies vaccination certificate from a veterinarian. I like to get a health certificate also for my pet just to insure there are no problems at the border.

Livestock animals are a whole other story which I will not get into. Please check with the Canadian government because rules change.

Pet food: We have numerous stores to buy your pet food so don’t worry about that. I have listed veterinarians in each town or city.