“I drove the Alaska Highway and survived” was a very popular slogan when I was growing up. Even today you will see that slogan slung across the front of a t-shirt. The Alaskan highway is only a glimmer of what it was when I was a child. It was partially dirt but today it is totally paved. Those dangerous hills with daunting grades that would make even a truck driver hold his breath are now shaved down and paved. Don’t get me wrong, there are still frost heaves and potholes that can get rather deep but once this road was an adventure on its own.

If you take the Cassier highway from Prince George to near Watson Lake it can save you over 100 plus miles. There are less people on the road and in the winter time keep your gas tank full. The road is narrower but not bad.
For me, I love the drive on the Alcan because like many Alaskans, I am independent. Having someone telling me when I can sit down to eat, when I can stop, how long I can stop, well, no thanks. Cruises are great, don’t get me wrong. Flying is great if you don’t mind a stranger reclining in your lap and just a view of clouds. Mind you, I am the kind of person that likes to keep my feet as close to the ground as I can. I love taking my time and adventuring where ever I want. So if you have the time and adventurous spirit, the Alcan is a great way to get to Alaska.
Remember 7  things:
1 .You must have a passport/visa to enter Canada. Children must have one also.
2. Do not bring any gun, hunting knife or even pepper spray!!! through Canada. Big NO NO!!!
3. If you have a pet have proof of vaccinations. (You may have to even have a health certificate but check to see before you leave home.)
4. Gas stations can be few and far between so keep your tank full. I know gas in Canada is expensive but running out of gas in the middle of nowhere…no good!
5.Buy a milepost so you know where the gas stations are located. It will also tell you about attractions and dining. But don’t trust it completely especially in the wintertime. Some gas stations are closed so don’t count on the book totally. I used it coming up the Cassier highway and almost ran out of gas but decided to overnight it and fill-up before leaving the town. It was in good thing because the next two gas stations the book said were open we closed for the winter.
6. Keep your camera and or binoculars handy. We always see bears, elk, caribou, moose, mountain goats and a lot more.
7.Stop at Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park but keep an eye out for bears.

Part one the Alaska highway

Part 2

Part 3 finishes at the Alaska Border

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