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Reservations: Make your reservation as soon as possible. The ferries are very popular in the summer. Especially, if you would like a  cabin  or are planning on  taking a vehicle.

Vehicles: Priced depending on the length of your vehicle and your destination.  Maximum length allowed is 60 feet. No one is allowed sleep or eat in their vehicles.

Cabins: Fares for the cabin are charged per unit. So 4 people sharing a cabin pay the same as one person. Cabin fares are add-ons to regular fares. Some cabins have a toilet, shower, and linens.( Or you may have to rent them)

No Cabin: Bring your sleeping bag and find a lounge chair to sleep in. Small free standing tents are permitted on the outside deck but remember it gets windy.

Food & Beverage: There is usually a cafeteria and snack machine available on most ferries. You can also bring your own food in a cooler.

Luggage: No limit to luggage, if it is in your vehicle but if you walk-on you can only have 100 pounds

Pets: Must have a valid rabies certificate and a health certificate. Health certificate must have been issued in the last 30 days.  Pets must stay inside your vehicle. You can feed and water your pet only during a 15 deck call or in ports.Check with the Alaska marine highway system before you take your pet for more information.

 Passengers traveling in or out of Canada, are required to show their passport.

Alaska Marine Highway vessels do not stop in a Canadian port between Bellingham Washington and Ketchikan, Alaska so they are not required to show their passport.

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