Anchorage Weather

Anchorages weather is really kind of mild year around. It is protected by the Chugach Mountains.
Although Anchorage can have some hot days in the summer, she averages about 65 degrees. Alaska has a dry climate so it feels warmer. In winter time the temperatures vary but having a dry climate the cold doesnt go through you quite like it does in high humidity places.
The last few winters have been very temperate. Here are the average monthly temperature:


High: 22°F / -6°C

Low: 8°F / -13°C

Avg Temp: 15°F / -9°C

Precip: 0.70″ / 17.8mm


High: 26°F / -3°C

Low: 11°F / -12°C

Avg Temp: 19°F / -7°C

Precip: 0.68″ / 17.3mm


High: 34°F / 1°C

Low: 28°F / -2°C

Avg Temp: 26°F / -3°C

Precip: 0.62″ / 15.7mm


High: 44°F / 7°C

Low: 29°F / -2°C

Avg Temp: 37°F / 3°C

Precip: 0.41″ / 10.4mm


High: 56°F / 13°C

Low: 39°F / 4 °C

Avg Temp: 54°F / 12 °C

Precip: 0.71″ / 18.0mm


High: 63°F / 17°C

Low: 48°F / 9°C

Avg Temp: 56°F / 13 °C

Precip: 1.04″ / 26.4mm


High: 65°F / 18°C

Low: 53°F / 12°C

Avg Temp: 59°F / 15°C

Precip: 1.90″ / 48.3mm


High: 64°F / 18°C

Low: 50°F / 10°C

Avg Temp: 59°F / 15°C

Precip: 2.89″ / 73.4mm


High: 53°F / 12°C

Low: 42°F / 6°C

Avg Temp: 49°F / 9°C

Precip: 2.56″ / 65.0mm


High: 40°F / 4°C

Low: 28°F / -2°C

Avg Temp: 34°F / 1°C

Precip: 1.98″ / 50.3mm


High: 27°F / -3°C

Low: 15°F / -9°C

Avg Temp: 21°F / -6 °C

Precip: 1.03″ / 26.2mm


High: 24°F / -4°C

Low: 12°F / -11°C

Avg Temp: 18°F / -8°C

Precip: 1.23″ / 31.2mm

Funny thing about that Alaskan sun, it plays in the summertime staying up in places like Anchorage for up to 22 hours in the Summer Solstice or even longer in Barrow where it just goes around in a circle staying up for 84 days! If you like it dark when you go to sleep then you’re going to have to close those curtains tight! It’s not unusual to have Alaskan out at midnight still playing.

Winter Solstice is the least amount of sun we receive (only five hours and 28 minutes).The further north you go the less sun you get. I figure the sun has been playing for 84 days straight up North so now its time for her to rest and she does. Only coming out for a short time then back to sleep.

Winter time is known for alaskan getting cabin fever. The darkness plays a big roll in this. Thats why alaskan do crazy things when its getting close to spring like the Polar plunge. Where they jump into icy water just for the fun of it. I have never had cabin fever that bad. Brrrrr

Approximate hours of sunlight parts of Alaska(Don’t know where but somewhere!)

January 8:16               February 10:34            March 13:10      April 16:20        May19:55                      June 24
July 21:36                  August 17:41         September 14:25     October 11:34      November 9:01    December 5