Excuse me, but I found your bear!

Most true Alaskans are unconventional. We do things other people think are, well, just a little, aha, off.
Well, many years ago in the very small town of Talkeetna, there lived a woman who had a bear for a pet. Yep, that sounds like an Alaskan. See I told you that we are a little unconventional. Well, the ladies neighbors were not very thrilled with her new pet. It wasn’t like she went out to find herself such an unusual pet. One day she found a little orphaned black bear. So she took the bear cub in and he grew and grew.
One day the bear went over to the neighbor’s and helped himself to the mans’ garbage. The man was furious and stomped over to his neighbors to tell her that HER BEAR had ripped up his garbage. She went over and got her bear. This happened a couple times and each time she would go over and get her bear.
Well one day the man came home and there was this bear ripping up his garbage,again! He was fit to be tied. Enough was enough, He grabbed a rope and put it around the bear’s neck and tied the bear to the nearest tree. The bear pulled and pulled on the rope.The man stomped back over to the neighbor’s house again. He pounded on her door and waited. The lady answered the door. “Excuse me, but I found your bear. He was ripping through my garbage again. I tied him up to a tree.” The lady smiled and said ” I.m sorry but it can’t be my bear.” The man was boiling over with anger at this point. He said ” Yes , it is! I tied it up myself.” “No, its not,” she insisted. “My bear is tied behind my house.” They both walked around to the back of the house. There next to the tree, her bear was tied.” “So,’ she said with a smile, “that’s my bear.black-bear-80637_1280” 🙂

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